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Winn house interior

Winn house interior

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contemporary, Wright style

172 м2



современный интерьер в светлых тонах, визуально modern light colour interior design, visually simple but with exciting solutions


Author: Artem Bondar

Renders: Anton Removskyi


The main idea is to design a stylish and functional light interior. Solutions should be simple, but not boring. There are main colours: natural and warm. We use strict zoning: 3 bedrooms (including a kids one), a shared lounge+kitchen zone, a spa area (hammam) and a spacious gym.


The main difficulty of the project is to keep it light and simple, using heavy and dense materials: chopped stone and wood, textile wallpaper. The light and air concept is reflected in every inch. There are things, a mirror and a lighting profile, hidden above the kitchen cabinets, illuminating stylish corners, which normally remain dark.

The bedroom is fitted with a backlit round mirror for visual enlargement. We designed a curved slat wood wall panel. The wardrobes are hidden in niches.

The slat partition idea was also supported in the hallway and bathroom so that everything was in one style.

Special features

The main things of the project are wild stones in the bathroom, white marble kitchen worktop and upholstered panels in the bedroom.

In the interior, we worked with mirrors and light to achieve the desired airiness effect. Chopped stone patterns are used on the wall in the hallway and in the TV area of the living room.

All the furniture is custom-made. The main accent in the bedroom is the stone bedside table. The kitchen fronts are subtly framed, as are the TV stand and console table in the hallway, creating a unified interior ensemble.

To save space in the bathroom, we opted for recessed accessories. We also supported the wood textures with flooring – Fondovalle Komi porcelain tile.

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