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Tetris Hall Interior

Tetris Hall Interior

Short review



102 м2


Author: Artem Bondar 

Renders: Olga Kryvosheienko

Renders: Ksenia Kuzmenko 


Our task was to create a practical and stylish interior with a minimum amount of decor for a bachelor.


The interior of the Tetris Hall apartment is comfortable and ergonomic. The living room and kitchen are located at the panoramic windows with a gorgeous Kyiv view. We placed a seating area with a large sofa, a kitchen with an island and a dining table in a small area. The main difficulty in this solution – concrete pylons, which we used in the storage area, while the rest of storage space was closed.

The master bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom is located separately. The play of shapes and lighting create a special atmosphere for this space. 

Taking into account the main customers’ wishes, we have minimized the amount of decor. What makes this interior so dynamic – it’s the combination of stone and marble textures, the use of terrazzo, lighting and sandy shades color palette.

Special features

During the design process, we proposed to change planning totally – the kitchen and living room area were moved to the previous location of the bedroom. This solution made the common space more airy and the bedroom quite mysterious. 

Another practical and nice solution was to make windows sills seated, so it harmoniously complements the overall concept.

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