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Riviera Village House

Riviera Village House

Short review



house – 500 m2,
 land – 45 hectares

Riviera Village, Kyiv region


design of a house for permanent residence and leisure


Author: Mykola Hip

Renders: Anton Removskyi

Team: 15 people (architect, constructor, designer, 2 renders, heating and ventilation engineers, electrical engineer)


The key task was to design and construct a house for 2 people. It was important to consider the needs of each family member: a private wardrobe, office and bathroom.

The common zone should combine the functions of the living room, kitchen and dining room. It is important that the masters feel comfortable together, but also have the option of inviting guests.

Here is a spacious garage for 2 cars, combined with a workshop for a motorbike. There is also a staff room in the same block.


The main difficulty of the project: relief area.

Initially, we proposed an outrigger roof structure, but eventually, we came up with a more simplified, modern form. The result is an attractive architecture, but with a simple geometrical composition.

In the courtyard (between the house and the garage zone), we have created a green area in “oneness with nature”. During the colder seasons, the masters can spend time on the large terrace, one part of which is glazed.

The facade is faced with silicate stucco combined with facade boarding.

Due to the large window area, the house is filled with natural light. This creates a special atmosphere of cosiness and relaxation, combined with the panoramic viewing.

Special features

The main things of the project are to design multiple seating areas patio, outdoor and covered terraces, courtyard, and balcony on the 2nd floor.Despite the large floor space, the rooms in the house turned out to be comfortable for 2 people. Rooms that were too large would have created the illusion of emptiness and a waste of space. For this reason, each room in the house has a specific functional purpose and there are auxiliary areas: boiler room, storage room, utility room. There is a cinema on the 1st floor and a library on the 2nd. In total, the breakdown of premises presents 25 indoor and 3 outdoor rooms (including a patio and a glazed terrace).

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