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Green Hills

Green Hills

Short review


classic and contemporary mix

410 м2


Author: Mykola Hip

Renders: Anton Removskyi

Architect: Yukhymets Artem


Our main objective was to design a house, considering rules of the neighborhood and clients wishes. In the first case, a house should be designed in classic style, while in the second one – it has to be complemented with modern architecture.


Our solution was to develop a project that united both styles without breaking rules. The modern part – extension in the backyard, which is bordered by the forest, is a visual and functional center of the house.

Dark clinker bricks on the facades on the classical part and gray tiles on the modern, combined two different forms, so they look equally balanced.

The modern part has a master zone, living room and kitchen. The classic part of the house has 2 floors with kid rooms, play zone and guest rooms.

Special features

The contemporary facade is continued with a cozy patio and pool. On its outer sides is a system of sliding glass fencing, called Fancy fence. It can be automatically raised or hidden at any time. 

The swimming pool can be hidden with a solid moving platform. What’s important, it’s possible to close the pool in the cold season or significantly increase the terrace to place furniture and spend time with guests.

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