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Our team offers more than an architectural blueprint. Step by step, from concept to finished building, we reflect your ideology and lifestyle. Changes start now! 


27 Projects

9 Cities


We create private and commercial interiors, which represents the owner’s personality from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Private house, apartment, shop, restaurant – we can handle any interior spaces.

17282 sq. m .

60 Projects

14 Cities


Quader has over 6 years experience of working with architecture and design.Our team knows a lot about their business, but also shows this with a decent level of work.


Our services: architecture design, interior design, construction and interior finishes.

The cost of the service is negotiable and depends on the scale of the project and the availability of materials.

Create your lifestyle with Quader!


Artem Bondar

Architect and designer, co-founder of architectural bureau QUADER

«Architect, as a director of any building process, has to know each of its aspects and accurately manage it»

Since childhood, Artem was fond of construction, so he graduated from the Architecture faculty of KNUCA. He likes to bring the projects to real life, to see their way from renderings to real world.

As a co-founder, he is responsible for development strategy of bureau. As a leading  designer, he manages projects, making estimates, negotiates with customers, contractors and partners. 

His favourite part of job – it’s, of course, creating concepts and implementing project in real life. Apart of job, Artem loves extreme sports – motorcycles, wake- and snowboarding. He love mountains.

Mykola Hip 

Architect, co-founder of architectural bureau QUADER

« I like public  and socially significant projects. I am interested in promoting my ideas, gaining the support of other people. Love increasing scale and quality of projects»

Kolyas’ grandfather was an honored builder of Ukraine: he built both apartment buildings and social projects. Friendship with him inspired Kolya to graduate from KNUCA Faculty of Architecture to continue and multiply (?) his grandfather’s work.

As a co-founder, Mykola is responsible of development of bureau in different social spheres, creates investment projects. As a leading architect, he organizes the work process of design and construction, communicates with clients, leads projects from concept to its finished result. Sometimes he leads design-projects.

Kolya loves shooting, running, mountain- and water sports. He also really likes to cook. But his  biggest is, obviously, architecture.

Anton Removskyi

Leading CG-Artist 

«Even working as CG-Artist, you must understand how architecture and design works on a certain level. This work isn’t  just nice images, it’s a modelling of real environment and real solutions»

In childhood Anton attended an art school, at first he wanted to do graphic design, but then realized that he liked architecture and design much more, so he graduated from the Faculty of Design (Department(?) of Environmental Design)of Boychuk’s Art Academy. 

In the office, Anton renders images in 4K, makes moodboards, creates concepts. Sometimes he makes drawings of design projects and plays the guitar. He owns three of them.

He loves making unique concepts, searching new solutions for usual task, using new forms and materials. He believes that the most important thing is to bring an idea to a project and make it understandable for everyone. 

Anton is fond of painting and literature. Plays the guitar, midi keyboard and ukulele. Love travelling and visiting museums.

Olga Kryvosheienko


«For me, visualization is an alternative to painting, an opportunity to express myself, my understanding of aesthetics, working with clients who are on the same page with you(?)»

Since childhood, Olya has loved graphics, painting and the process of observing nature and people. It’s very inspiring and helps her to be in a state of fullness, which is very important for her profession. 

She graduated from the Faculty of Design of KNUTD. To improve her skills, she took additional CG-courses at INSED school.

At the office, Olya makes moodboards, deals with interior visualization and postprocessing. She likes to design children’s interiors and work with details the most. 

Olga is a very creative person. She loves hiking and good poetry. Sometimes she wrote short essays.  

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